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Mariusz "Mario" Pardela

TV & Broadcast Producer, Executive Producer, Sound Engineer

Mariusz “Mario” Pardela, owner of BONAFIDE LIVE PRODUCTION, an experienced professional in event production, television production and sound engineering, brings to the fore a wealth of expertise and an extensive career spanning two decades.

Beginning his journey at the age of 16, Mario showed a natural talent for stagecraft and sound engineering. His passion took him to the heart of the British entertainment industry, especially London, where he diligently honed his skills. It was here that he became an integral part of live event production, specializing in the complex art of organizing and implementing events on stage.

After returning to his native Poland five years ago, Mario began a dynamic phase of his career as a producer of exceptional events. Its portfolio includes a wide range of events, from large concerts and festivals to intimate meetings. His unique ability to seamlessly combine technical knowledge with a deep understanding of artistic nuances consistently translates into unforgettable experiences for viewers.

Mario's extensive portfolio also includes cooperation with renowned organizations such as MEZZO TV and MEDICI TV. Thanks to these partnerships, he performed in prestigious places, including: at Konzerthalle Bamberg in Germany, Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt, NFM Wrocław, NOSPR in Katowice.
It is worth adding that Mario works closely with NIFC as a television signal producer, seamlessly integrating his skills during prestigious events such as "Chopin and his Europe" held at the National Philharmonic and the Grand Theater and National Opera.

Additionally, he organized the CEEQA Gala in 2023 and managed the technical side of the HPE 2020 Congress, introducing groundbreaking large-format holographic projections.


These achievements only scratch the surface of Mario's illustrious career, characterized by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a relentless drive to push the boundaries of technological innovation in live event and television production.

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